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    Changes to Entry & Move-ups

    Changing an Entry

    • The AKC requires all entry changes to be in writing. This can be accomplished by an email sent to the Trial Secretary. You will be sent a reply acknowledging it was received. If you do not get a reply within a day or two, please follow up with a phone call BEFORE the show closes. Email is not infallible, and once the show closes we cannot change anything.
    • AKC rules do not allow any changes to the entry after the closing date/time. Once the show closes, you cannot change from Regular to Preferred classes or vice versa, you cannot change jump height, and you cannot move down in a class. For example, if you entered Open by mistake we cannot move you back to Novice after the show closes. If you receive a letter from the AKC after closing saying you moved-up too soon, AKC rules do not let us move you down. The only exception is a move-up.
    • Check the Contact page for who to send your entry change to.


    • Move-ups must be received in writing before 6pm the Monday before the show to be moved-up.
    • You may send an email for a move-up. In the email list your name, your dog's call name, the name & date of te trial and what class you want the dog to be moved to.
    • If you miss the deadline for move-ups, you may move your dog up the first day of the show for any subsequent days even if you are not showing a dog that day. In addition a friend may do the move-up for you if you are not there. However you may not move-up the day of the show for that day.
    • Check the Contacts page for who to send your move-up to.