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Enter by Mail


Go to our section titled “Events” to download a premium for the show you want to enter. There will be an entry form inside of the premium.

Or use this PDF form and fill out online, print and mail:

Click HERE for entry form       


What do I enter, Novice A, Novice B or Novice Preferred?

Novice A is for a handler that has not put a title on a dog. So if you do not have a title in any other class you go in Novice A. Everyone else enters Novice B. In the Novice Preferred class the dog’s jump height is 4” lower than the one he would normally jump and the dog gets 5 more seconds added to his normal jump height’s time. Anyone can enter Novice Preferred. There aren’t any restrictions. Some of the reasons people enter Novice Preferred is because the lower jump height and the added time benefits a dog that is older, it is easier for dogs with a certain size or build or for dogs coming back from an injury or for a slower dog or handler.

I want to enter Regular classes on Saturday and Preferred classes on Sunday, how do I do that?

You cannot enter Regular Classes one day and Preferred classes the other day. You must run all Regular classes or all Preferred classes at a show or cluster of shows.

What jump height do I enter?

Just ask your trainer. They probably know what height your dog is going to jump. When your dog gets measured at the show, if he measures into another jump height we will change it then.

My confirmation says I need to be measured but I have a height card. What do I do?

Don’t worry about it. As long as the AKC has a height card on file for you it doesn’t matter what our confirmation says. To straighten it out, email your local trial secretary to let her know you have a height card. Make sure you get a reply.

I entered a show but now I can’t go. Can I get a refund?

The information on refunds is on the left side of the first page in our premiums. Each club decides on what refunds it will do. There are only 2 refunds that are required according to AKC rules:

You will get a full refund if you pull your dog before the closing date and time.
If your bitch goes into season you get a full refund minus a handling fee if you notify the trial secretary before the show starts. The handling fee with us is $5.00.

The AKC does not require a club to give any other refunds. However, most of the clubs we work with will give a 50% refund if a dog or handler is injured and sends us a Dr.’s note. Please check the premium.

What is the run order going to be?

Our run order stays the same most of the time. Our running order goes games first (T2B and FAST) then Excellent/Masters STD/JWW then Open STD/JWW then Novice STD/JWW. Premier runs either before or after Excellent/Masters. Sometimes you will run JWW before STD.

The running order is built on the history of the number of dogs in the class. We try to time classes so there are as few conflicts as possible. Sometimes it doesn’t run as smooth as we’d like for different reasons. For example, one judge has a course that is 198 yards and the other has a course that is 130 yards. This will cause one ring to move faster than the other ring and we might have a ring down waiting for the other ring OR we may change the running order to keep the show moving. Occasionally something happens but we try to keep the basic running order for all shows.

What time does my dog run?

Check-in time for each class is on the judging schedule. It is far from perfect. Generally, the check-in time is ½ hour before you start the walk through for the games and the start of Excellent/Masters. Check-in time does not give you time to unpack your stuff and walk your dog. As you get into Open and Novice most of the time you will have quite a bit more time before the walk through starts. Lots of things determine the actual start time of Open and Novice. For example, how fast the judge is, the length of the course, if the judge is a measuring judge and has to measure a lot of dogs, etc.. Remember the class cannot start before the check-in time. If they do, go see the trial secretary because they have to let you walk and run.

Nor Cal Updates

LAST CALL Mar 9-11,  Trial closes this Wed, 2/21 at 11:59pm

Closes Wed Feb 21 at 11:59pm
Mar 9-11 American Bloodhound Club

This is a one judge trial. Site- Sonoma County Fairgrounds. The surface is dirt. Judge is Scott Stock. Fri- is all EX/MA classes & all FAST. Sat- all STD, JWW, Premier & FAST. Sun-all STD, JWW, Premier & T2B
Closes Wed Mar 14 at 11:59pm
Mar 30 – April 1, Sac Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club

This is a one judge trial. Site- Dixon May Fairgrounds. The surface is grass. Judge is Geoff Teare. Fri- is all EX/MA classes & all FAST. Sat- all STD, JWW, Premier & FAST. Sun-all STD, JWW, Premier & T2B

There is a Sheltie Conformation and Obedience Specialty on the grounds all 3 days. Contact Carolyn Goepner at kimgdogs@yahoo.com

There is an Irish Setter Conformation and Obedience Specialty on the grounds all 3 days. Contact Debi Best at dbest7@earthlink.net
Closes Mar 21 at 11:59pm
Apr 6-8, NorCal Pug Club

This is a one judge trial. Site- Sycamore Lane Kennels in Lodi. The surface is grass. If it rains we will move under their new covered arena. Judge is Carol Curtiss. Fri- is all EX/MA classes & all FAST. Sat- all STD, JWW, Premier & FAST. Sun-all STD, JWW, Premier & T2B

So Cal Updates


March 10-11 – Keeshond Club of Southern California
Closes Feb 21 – Send entries to Wildomar

March 16 – 18 – Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles
Closes Feb 28 – Send entries to Las Vegas!

April 7-8 – West Coast Cocker Spaniel Club
Closes Mar 21 – Send entries to Wildomar

April 13 – 15 – Dog Agility Club of Ventura
Closes Mar 28 – Send entries to Las Vegas

April 21 – 22 – Southern California Portuguese Water Dog Club
Closes Apr 4 – Send entries to Las Vegas

April 28 – 29 – Border Terrier Club of So Cal/Samoyed Club of Los Angeles
Closes April 11 – Opens Mon., Feb 26th – Send entries to Las Vegas


LA / Orange / Ventura Counties

Paula Herwig

2375 E Tropicana Ave. #740
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 983-D0GS (3047)
Email: LTPAgility@aol.com

San Diego Area

Brenda Farrington


23680 Baxter Rd
Wildomar, CA  92595
(951) 813-8667
Email: agilesam@gmail.com


Nor Cal and Oregon

Patty Fornelli


PO Box 2611
Granite Bay, CA 95746
(916) 774-6016
Email: agilityentry@mycci.net