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Enter by Mail


Go to our section titled “Events” to download a premium for the show you want to enter. There will be an entry form inside of the premium.

Or use this PDF form and fill out online, print and mail:

Click HERE for entry form       


What do I enter, Novice A, Novice B or Novice Preferred?

Novice A is for a handler that has not put a title on a dog. So if you do not have a title in any other class you go in Novice A. Everyone else enters Novice B. In the Novice Preferred class the dog’s jump height is 4” lower than the one he would normally jump and the dog gets 5 more seconds added to his normal jump height’s time. Anyone can enter Novice Preferred. There aren’t any restrictions. Some of the reasons people enter Novice Preferred is because the lower jump height and the added time benefits a dog that is older, it is easier for dogs with a certain size or build or for dogs coming back from an injury or for a slower dog or handler.

I want to enter Regular classes on Saturday and Preferred classes on Sunday, how do I do that?

You cannot enter Regular Classes one day and Preferred classes the other day. You must run all Regular classes or all Preferred classes at a show or cluster of shows.

Effective Jan 1, 2020, you may enter a mixture of both Regular and Preferred classes during a trial week-end.  Either on the same day or other trial days.  Any mixture of Regular and Preferred classes is allowed.  Note that double Q’s can only be earned if both Standard and JWW are either both in Regular OR both in Preferred in the same trial day.

A separate entry form must be submitted when the same dog is being entered in a mixture of Regular and Preferred and/or different jump heights within the same trial weekend.

What jump height do I enter?

Just ask your trainer. They probably know what height your dog is going to jump. When your dog gets measured at the show, if he measures into another jump height we will change it then.

My confirmation says I need to be measured but I have a height card. What do I do?

Don’t worry about it. As long as the AKC has a height card on file for you it doesn’t matter what our confirmation says. To straighten it out, email your local trial secretary to let her know you have a height card. Make sure you get a reply.

I entered a show but now I can’t go. Can I get a refund?

The information on refunds is on the left side of the first page in our premiums. Each club decides on what refunds it will do. There are only 2 refunds that are required according to AKC rules:

You will get a full refund if you pull your dog before the closing date and time.
If your bitch goes into season you get a full refund minus a handling fee if you notify the trial secretary before the show starts. The handling fee with us is $5.00.

The AKC does not require a club to give any other refunds. However, most of the clubs we work with will give a 50% refund if a dog or handler is injured and sends us a Dr.’s note. Please check the premium.

What is the run order going to be?

Our run order stays the same most of the time. Our running order goes games first (T2B and FAST) then Excellent/Masters STD/JWW then Open STD/JWW then Novice STD/JWW. Premier runs either before or after Excellent/Masters. Sometimes you will run JWW before STD.

The running order is built on the history of the number of dogs in the class. We try to time classes so there are as few conflicts as possible. Sometimes it doesn’t run as smooth as we’d like for different reasons. For example, one judge has a course that is 198 yards and the other has a course that is 130 yards. This will cause one ring to move faster than the other ring and we might have a ring down waiting for the other ring OR we may change the running order to keep the show moving. Occasionally something happens but we try to keep the basic running order for all shows.

What time does my dog run?

Check-in time for each class is on the judging schedule. It is far from perfect. Generally, the check-in time is ½ hour before you start the walk through for the games and the start of Excellent/Masters. Check-in time does not give you time to unpack your stuff and walk your dog. As you get into Open and Novice most of the time you will have quite a bit more time before the walk through starts. Lots of things determine the actual start time of Open and Novice. For example, how fast the judge is, the length of the course, if the judge is a measuring judge and has to measure a lot of dogs, etc.. Remember the class cannot start before the check-in time. If they do, go see the trial secretary because they have to let you walk and run.

Nor Cal Updates



Due to the CDC recommending cancellation of all gatherings of over 10 people we are cancelling all agility trials through May 10, 2020!  Keep your fingers crossed that the curve will flatten and we can start trialing in May!  Wash your hands, be careful and stay healthy!


So Cal Updates

We are not taking online entries at this time!

Here’s a link to a 2020 list of trials – SoCal List of Trials

You can download a pdf of the following Best Practices here – COVID Best Practices


New COVID Best Practices

These are trying times for everybody, and we hope that you all are well and staying safe. Our goal is to keep everyone as safe as we can. If any exhibitor is sick or if you know that you have been exposed to COVID-19 or if you are uncomfortable with the precautions we are taking. Do not enter – stay home. Our mental and physical well-being are most important at all times. Remember that entering an agility trial is done at your own risk. If you have not read the Agreement in your trial entry, you should do so now and be aware of what you are signing.

We will be following the rules and guidelines set forward by our State, county and local agencies along with CDC and AKC guidelines. Our aim is to keep our judges, volunteers and exhibitors as safe as possible.

The trial days may be longer than in the past due to multiple factors. We anticipate that we will be limited to a certain number of people that will be allowed to “gather”.

We are not returning to “normal” as there is no “normal at this time!

General rules:
* Avoid touching dogs that are not your own as the owner may have kissed their dog.
* Gloves are a personal choice. Course builders and jump setters will be wearing them
* The main bathroom door should be left open if possible.
* Bring your own pen for check-in
* Bring your own food
* Depending on the size of the parking lot, park with plenty of space between each other
* Face coverings need to be worn at all times except while running the course.

Spectators: Due to county and city rules there will be limits on the number of people who can “gather” at one time, spectators will not be allowed – this includes spouses or significant others. Only actual handlers should come to the trial.

Face coverings: Face coverings will be required to be worn at all times. Wearing a face covering while running your dog will be your choice and not required. Anyone who refuses to wear a face covering outside the ring will be required to leave. NO REFUNDS Exhibitors must supply their own face coverings!

Crating/set ups:
* If you crate out of your car, be sure to park at an appropriate distance (6 ft) when possible – [Note: Green Oaks Ranch parking will not allow us to have crating out of the car due to the limited area for parking].

* There must be 6 – 10 ft between set-ups. If you are OK with setting up with your friends creating a “group” please minimize the area you use to allow enough room for others to be an adequate distance away.
* If you are asked to move farther away – DO IT. If we get complaints, we will ask you to move or leave. NO REFUNDS

Maps: We will be e-mailing maps to you each morning. We will also post maps in two places for you to see or take pictures of. No individual maps will be provided. Locations of posted maps in judging schedule.

Running order: The running order of the classes and any procedures may be changed to ensure adhering to guidelines and making the trial run smoother! We expect different running orders than normal if we are limited to smaller gatherings of people in a location.

Course builders will wear gloves and use hand sanitizer.

Ring: We will be using chutes, not gates. There will be marked areas for the next 4 dogs to be lined up 6 ft apart. Walk thrus will be limited to 15 people at a time. Do not go into ring before the person in the ring has left.

Volunteers: We will have hand sanitizer and gloves for the ring crew to use and disinfectant spray to use on chairs and tables. Jump setters can use their own chairs if they want. Timers and scribes will be separated by at least 6 ft.

Check-in sheets for all the classes will be available before the trial – all the gate sheets for each ring will be posted on a table, you can check in your dog then using a pen that you bring with you. YOU CANNOT MOVE YOUR DOG IN THE RUN ORDER ONLY THE GATE CAN DO THAT. 10 minutes before the ring starts the gate steward will take the sheets and finish check-in. At that time the gate will move any dogs that need to be moved. Gate easel area will be cordoned off with only the Gate Steward inside the area. Practice physical distancing at all times! If you miss your run, you go to then end, if you don’t check in, you go to the end. The scribe will hold all absent scribe sheets until the end of the group and then all will be marked absent and sent to the secretary.

Leashes: We will not have a leash runner. Exhibitors are allowed (per AKC) to put their leash in their pocket to run or secured across their body. If you do not have a leash that fits in your pocket, we will have a limited number of veterinary style leashes to use. No hanging leashes on fence

Briefings will not be done for T2B, or Ex/Masters classes. We will be using the speaker for briefings, only the judge will be inside the ring. Exhibitors will need to stay 6 ft away from others for the briefings.

FOOD: We will not be serving food to workers! We will have drinks available for workers, but workers will need to bring any lunch or snacks they need. Workers will get vouchers for all classes worked.

We will have soap available in the bathrooms – wash your hands frequently! There will also be spray that you can use to disinfect any surfaces.

Bring your own hand sanitizer! We will have hand sanitizer for the workers, but exhibitors will need to bring your own.

Ribbons will be handed out – no self-serve boxes. Ribbon labels will be printed for you to remove from the ribbon printer.

Results will be posted in 2-3 places.

We have tried to include everything! There may be adjustments based on many factors. We will continue to try to make trials run as smoothly as possible for all.



Check the Premium list on the Events page for more information.


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