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    June 2-3, 2018
    Kennel Club of Pasadena
      Brookside Park, Pasadena
      Opens Apr 2 at 10:00 AM
      Closes May 16 at 11:59 PM
      1st Run Fee: $22
      2nd Run Fee: $16
      3rd Run Fee: $16
      4th Run Fee: $16
      5th Run Fee: $16

    660 all levels Sat-Sun: STD, JWW, FAST, T2B, PrmS, PrmJ
    ***Earn/redeem vouchers***
    Judge: Terry Culley
    Judge: TBD

    Map to Trial

    Brookside Park
    360 N. Arroyo Blvd.
    Pasadena, CA 91103

    From the East- Take the 210 west. Exit Seco St. and turn left. Brookside Park will be on your leftat the intersection of Arroyo & Seco. From West- Take the 134 east. Exit San Raphael Ave turn right. Turn left on Linda Vista Ave crossing under the freeway. Turn right on Seco. Park on your right at Seco & Arroyo. From the South- Take the 110 north. Exit Orange Grove Blvd. & turn left. Turn left on Rosemont. Turn left on Seco St. Turn left on Arroyo. The park is on your left. From North- Take the 210 east to Seco St. & turn right. Brookside Park will be on your left at Seco & Arroyo

    Map to Veterinarian

    TLC Pet Medical Centr, open 24/7
    1412 Huntington Drive
    South Pasadena, CA
    Directions to vet: Turn Left on N.Arroyo when yo come out of the parking lot. Turn Left on California Blvd. Take third Right onto Orange Grove Blvd. Turn Left onto Columbia St. Take first right onto Fremont. Turn Left onto Monterey Rd. Take first right onto Fair Oaks Ave. Turn Right onto Huntington Dr. TLC will be on the Right