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    Valid AKC Entry Forms

    Things You Need to Do and Know to Have a Valid AKC Entry:

    Enter the right class.
    Some Tips about Regular and Preferred Classes and Novice A or B:

    Enter your dog in either Regular Standard and JWW OR Preferred Standard and JWW; you cannot enter both classes on the same day or weekend. Any dog may enter the Preferred Classes.

    Regular Standard and JWW:
    This class is for the Regular Standard and Jumpers with Weaves classes as defined by the AKC.
    If entering the Regular Novice A or B classes be sure and enter the correct class:

    Novice A: for dogs that have never acquired any AKC Agility titles. Dogs in Novice A must be handled by a person that has never put an AKC Agility title on any dog. The handler must be the owner, co-owner or a member of the owner's household. Dogs eligible for Novice A may be entered in the Novice B class at the discretion of the owner.

    Novice B: for dogs that have titled in a Novice class either Standard or JWW. You must enter the remaining Novice class in Novice B. If you are a Novice B dog and you run in Novice A, you will forfeit your run.

    Preferred Standard and JWW:
    This class is for those of you who, for whatever reasons, might wish to jump at a 4 inch lower height than your regular class height and have 5 extra seconds to complete the course. Older dogs, novice handlers, novice dogs, dogs coming back from an injury, and people/dogs needing more time and lower heights all benefit from this class.

    There are no Novice A or Novice B classes in the Preferred Standard and JWW (only one Novice class)

    Enter the right jump height:
    In the Regular Classes, you CAN jump a higher jump height than your dog is measured. If you are measured at the show, and measure lower than your entry, you CANNOT change to a lower jump height at the show. If you are measured at the show, and measure higher than your entry, you WILL BE moved up in jump height (you cannot jump at a lower height).
    In the Preferred Classes, be sure you enter the correct jump height. Unlike the Regular Classes, dogs in the Preferred Classes CANNOT jump in a higher class. If you are measured at the show and measure under the jump height you entered, you will have to forfeit your run. You may not change your jump height at the show. If there is a question about which jump height to enter, enter the lower jump height.

    Jump height cards:

    When filling out the entry form, there is a new section at the top of the form for exhibitors to designate whether your dog has a valid jump height card or if your dog needs to be measured. Please check the appropriate box so that the Trial Secretary knows whether to include your dog on the Dogs To Be Measured List. It is no longer required that you submit a copy of your dog’s jump height card with your entry form or show it during day of show check-in.