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    Move-Ups and Withdrawing from a Show

    The AKC Requires All Changes to an Entry be in Writing.
    • This can be accomplished by Email or US Postal Service to the Trial Secretary. Please follow up with a phone call as the first 2 are not infallible.

    • Must be received before 6pm the Monday before the show to be moved-up for Saturday
    • Most shows have day to day move-ups if you miss the deadline for Saturday, you can then move-up for Sunday at the show. Check the premium.
    • Send all email move-ups to . These can be sent without an official move-up form.
    • Move-up forms can be found through our AKC Links button and sent by mail

    Withdrawing From a Show:
    • When an entry is withdrawn before the closing date all entry money will be refunded
    • After the trial's closing date, there are NO refunds for withdrawing an entry with one exception, bitches in season
    • Send all changes to

    Bitches in Season:
    • Bitches in season are NOT allowed to participate in an AKC Agility Trial
    • Each show has it's own policy for bitches that come into season which will be clearly stated in the premium.
    • Most shows will refund half your fees up to a week before the show. Please check the premium.
    • Send all changes to