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    Agility Photography

    Terry Curtis is the agility photographer at these agility trials. He captures the excitment and beauty of your dog running at the event. To see the photos from an agility trial contact Terry Curtis.

    "Terry takes awesome photos, and he has them up on his website for viewing just a day or two after the event. Plus, his prices are very reasonable, so we can't resist buying one or two of Goldie from every trial. Thanks, Terry, for capturing these memories with such style!"
    Dave and Merry Shelburne

    "Terry's action shots are terrific, his candid portraits are beautiful to look at, he captures all the excitement of each MACH run he has filmed, and he has designed a wonderful website so easy to navigate and use with the shots there promptly after each trial. We just can't say enough praise for Terry and his photography!"
    Sarah and Doug Halsey

    Visit Curtis photography at